The Port

This is a port of call, wintering and farm-guarded 24H 24H.
This is a combo port, built for fishing and boating.
The east side is reserved for fishing. The pelvis and the west side are reserved for recreational and tour boats.
It is a port located in the center of Houmt Souk, a Real and Tourism Station, a high standard, luxury apartments, air-conditioned restaurants and shopping facilities. Designed to provide all the amenities of modern life and invites you to breathe clean sweetness to the island.
- North Latitude 33 ° 53 '2' '
- East Longitude 10 ° 51 '5' '
Accessible by access 4,500 meters to 184 ° on the flagship channel and Houmt Souk (-) 4 meters deep.
- 222 M Malta
- 180 M Pantelleria
- 240 M Marsala
- 600 M Nice
- 220 M El Kantaoui
- 200 M Monastir

- 42 M of Gabes

10 minutes from Djerba Zarzis International Airport.

An area of 2.4 ha designed in the final phase to receiv 200 crafts wich can doc tat stations on floating pontoons.

To date and in its first phase floating pontons can accomodate 100 boats.

-watter depth :-3.5 meters

-All berths are equipped with water and electricity